Electrostatic Collector Plates

Collector plates

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers produce a range of collector plates that are widely used in the emissions control systems of electrostatic precipitators that use electricity to remove dust particles from a gas stream.

This technology is widely used in installations such as coal fired power stations, cement works and many types of refineries.

The straightness of the collector plate panels is critical to their performance, and Australian Rollforming Manufacturers are able to maintain this to no more than 3mm over a 14 metre long panel.

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ range of collector plates includes the original standard range of profiles that were designed by Flakt, Joy and Lurgi.

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ unique technology and quality control processes ensure that our collector plates are precision made to exacting tolerances, particularly in regard to the straightness of the panels and being free of any bowing.

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers are custom metal rollforming specialists, with the capability to rollform an almost infinite number of profiles in a wide range of metals.

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