Steel Components for Heavy Vehicle Build and Repair

A large quarry dump truck in a coal mine

Our client is a large engineering services company, primarily working in the mining, rail, transport and defence sectors.

With over 400 employees, the business specialises in supplying heavy haulage components, including trays and buckets, steel fabrication and manufacturing, mechanical repairs and rebuilds, steel construction and installation, along with other allied services to the heavy industrial sectors.

“Our business moves fast and at any one time we have a large number of projects on the go. We need a steel supply business that is first and foremost reliable. Naturally, price is a factor; however, reliability is our priority, and with RPG Australia we know we have the most reliable pipeline of quality steel made to order for our needs. Having this relationship is critical to our efficiencies and capacity to successfully service our clients.

Our client has been working closely with us for over ten years. Their biggest challenge was sourcing a steel supplier that could manufacture steel components of the highest quality and consistency, backed by real speed. Their business requires minimal lag time and they need to be across every milestone in the production cycle.

Understanding our client’s business model, production scheduling and client base was critical for RPG Australia to forecast inventory and production timelines. Through transparent communication and trust, the relationship has forged very strong bonds and levels of mutual understanding that have become essential to meet the demands and ensure the delivered product is of the highest possible quality every time.

Whether the orders are for pressed quenched steel or bespoke components made from engineered drawings for a complex project build, they know they can rely on RPG Australia’s capabilities and supply pipeline.

RPG Australia is as honest as the day is long. They speak a language that does not allow for ambiguity. I know from the moment I place an order or pick up the phone that they will deliver on their promise. Having this relationship is real peace of mind and ensures our production and operations stays ahead of the curve.

The sun rises behind a digger on a construction site

Supply and capability

Our client places a high value on the steel supply capability of RPG Australia. As part of the Southern Steel Group, and with established long-term relationships with blue chip steel suppliers, including BlueScope, Bisalloy, NLMK, VAUTID and SSAB, the group has total confidence in the supply and the quality of product RPG Australia can deliver.

They demand only the best. The environments are harsh and they require steel products with high tolerance, strength and guaranteed quality.

There is little room for compromise, and RPG Australia’s steel suppliers and manufacturing capabilities are world class.

Railroad in motion at sunset

Reliability and consistency

RPG Australia works hard to remain price competitive; however, it is reliability and consistency that clients need in equal measure.

The client identified the need for a reliable and consistent partner for its steel supply and manufacturing.

Working in the heavy industry sector, it is imperative to maintain a consistent level of quality.

Their clients know they will always get a consistent product. And for them, their reliance on RPG Australia to consistently supply the highest quality steel components with 100% reliability on delivery streamlines their production schedule and keeps their clients fully engaged.

These types of relationships need to work for win/win outcomes and sharing a passion for professionalism and peer recognition helps drive businesses toward advanced outcomes year on year.

We needed a partner that values professionalism and places a high price on their industry reputation. RPG Australia is that business. Professional, reliable and consistent, they value their reputation as much as we value ours. At the end of the day, your reputation is what sets you apart from the others. It is hard to build up, but easy to lose, so keeping a consistent and reliable business reputation is at the forefront of our business dealings.

RPG Australia is your go-to steel partner. With everything under one roof and access to the highest quality grade steel and expertise, experience the difference RPG Australia makes. Contact us to discuss your steel needs.



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