Hoyts Cinema Complex – Docklands, Victoria


Australian Rollforming Manufacturers is a custom metal rollforming specialist with the capability to rollform an almost infinite number of profiles in a wide range of metals.

From just a concept sketch received from the architects, Australian Rollforming Manufacturers designed and developed a new, innovative cladding façade for the Hoyts Docklands Cinema Complex.

This new entertainment complex in the District Docklands precinct is a multi-cinema, mixed-use structure and in desperate need of rejuvenation.

Working closely with the architects, Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ rollforming capacity was stretched to the limits to achieve the ‘big and bold’ design brief.

The complex façade is made up of a series of custom red 210 x 305mm Zincalume triangular folds, which act as a kind of pleated house curtain.

The building was clad entirely in metal, from roof sheeting to panel to extrusion. The longest panels were 19.5m, ensuring no vertical joining was required. A fixing jig was supplied to ensure the panel pitch was consistent over the length of the 144m long wall.

Using the latest FEA simulation software at Deakin University and Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ own design software, a smooth, blemish-free panel was formed with virtually no oil-canning or other surface defects typical of wide-pan rollformed profiles.

Australian Rollforming manufactures a wide range of profiles for urban and commercial architects, rail, construction and packaging industries as well as the DuraGal® range of products. Contact us to learn more about our capability.




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