Noise Walls – Deer Park Bypass, Victoria

Deer Park Bypass

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers supplied 40,000 metres of pre-galvanised noise wall panels and 8,500 square metres of pre-galvanised void covers to the new Deer Park Bypass motorway in Victoria.

The noise wall panels had to satisfy a number of stringent performance criteria. Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ noise wall panels were chosen ahead of other materials and systems based on:

  • Superior sound attenuation qualities
  • Aesthetical appeal
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long lifespan
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Double sided sections constructed from 1.6mm thick panels were used in residential areas to further enhance both the aesthetic appeal and the sound absorbing qualities. Once installed, the panels extended for four kilometres along either side of the highway to form an architectural feature.

The noise wall panels were rollformed into a 90mm deep trapezoidal profile from 2.5mm and 1.6mm thick galvanised steel and, after rollforming, the corners of each panel were given a precision mitre cut. The walls were joined at varying angles to create a unique architectural appearance, and the precision mitre cutting of the panel corners was critical to ensure that all the wall joints were a perfect fit.

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers were awarded the 2010 prestigious Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Award for Australian Steel Innovation for the noise walls that were supplied for this project.

The void or trough covers were rollformed into a 21mm deep profile and pre-cut to length to the exact void widths in Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ Dandenong factory.

In total, over 13,000 individual void covers were supplied to the project and once on site the covers were simply glued into the recesses provided at the top of the concrete bridge beams. Once installed into the beams, the covers blocked off the void or trough in the beam when the concrete road slab was poured.

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ rollformed void covers were chosen ahead of the traditional timber covers based on:

  • Being pre-cut to the exact void widths, eliminating the need for any further cutting during installation
  • Quicker, easier and safer installation
  • Unlike timber based covers, Australian Rollforming Manufacturers void covers do not shrink, swell or break when left exposed outside
  • Minimised material wastage
  • Being easier and quicker to install and requiring less material and labour, Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void covers are more cost-effective than alternative products.
  • Australian Rollforming Manufacturers are custom metal rollforming specialists, with the capability to rollform an almost infinite number of profiles in a wide range of metals.
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