Manufacturing CIL tanks for a mining client

When Darryl and his team won the tender for the $120 million King of the Hills (KOTH) development project,  Boyd Metal Industries was engaged to manufacture the huge carbon-in-leach (CIL) steel tanks for the project.

We spoke with Darryl , Chief Estimator, about the partnership between the two companies.

Workers on top of tanks

Large-scale project

Darryl works for a multi-disciplinary company that delivers small to large-scale SMP projects, new and refurbished plant and equipment and consumables to the mineral processing, energy and resource sectors.

While the KOTH project tender had so many components, their decision to engage Boyds for the production of the CIL steel tanks came well before even winning the bid.

“When we were still in the process of tendering, and had no guarantee of winning, Boyds committed to securing and holding 240 plates for us,” Darryl says.

“That’s a huge amount of material that you can’t obtain just anywhere. We were impressed that they had access to that amount of stock and that they were willing to hold it for us at no cost, whether we won the project or not.”

Man operating a machine for making tanks

Full service offering

Upon winning the tender, Darryl and his team were delighted with the ease of working with Boyd Metal Industries.

“Boyds could supply us with the complete steel tank plate work,” Darryl says. “It was ordered, cut to size, bevelled and transported to site, so all we had to do was put it together. They did everything for us!

They even went further to recommend a surface treatment contractor, transport cradles, everything we could need.”

Boyds one-stop shop service was incredibly beneficial to Darryl and his team.

“If they didn’t offer all the services in one, we would have had significantly higher costs and I think it would have put us out of winning the bid,” Darryl notes.

“It also saved us significant time and minimised the logistical headaches of dealing with more than one supplier.”

Workers cutting sheets inside a warehouse

Reliable, communicative and efficient

“Working with Boyds was such a simple process because they are the experts in that area,” Darryl says.

“It really made my job so much easier because they knew exactly what they were doing. It was simple and easy and didn’t take long.”

But it wasn’t just the service being delivered that was impressive, it was the way these services were delivered.

“There was constant communication with the team at Boyds,” Darryl notes.

“We gave them a construction schedule from our engineering department, and they followed it to the letter.

Every time the plates were ready for delivery, which they offered free on the truck, they would give us a minimum of three days’ notice before delivery, so we could organise the other elements of the project without a hitch.

And the shop was open any time we wanted to inspect the plates. We only inspected once, out of curiosity, and we were so happy with what they had done we didn’t inspect again.”

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