Boyd Metal’s Partnership with a Leading Mining Equipment Manufacturer

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Long-term partnerships

Boyd Metal Industries has been servicing the Western Australian mining industry for decades. Renowned for its high-capacity steel-processing capabilities, reliable customer service and commitment to quality, it’s no wonder the team at Boyd Metal develops and maintains client relationships that often last for decades.

We spoke with Chris Double, the Production Planning and Supply Chain Manager from one of Boyd Metal’s longest-standing clients, Austin Engineering. We wanted to find out why the relationship between the two companies has been so successful, and why Boyds remains Austin Engineering’s heavy steel processing provider of choice.

High capacity brake pressing and plate rolling capacity

Austin Engineering is a leader in the design and manufacture of customised products for the mining industry. While Austin Engineering performs the majority of their pressing in-house, they often have such high capacity turnover that they need external pressing services.

That’s where Boyd Metal Industries steps in. With six brake press machines and the capacity to press materials at extra-long lengths (up to 12.2m), Boyd Metal is the perfect choice for Austin Engineering.

“While we do our own pressing inhouse, Boyds are the people we trust with the vast majority of our external pressing requirements,” Chris says.

“They understand what we need and what we value in a working relationship – on-time delivery and communication – and they deliver that consistently.”

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Reliable and consistent processes

Having a reliable and consistent business workflow process is essential to the relationship between Austin Engineering and Boyd Metal Industries, with fast turnaround times and project deadlines common.

The team at Boyds makes this process as simple as possible, moving from consultation through to processing, quality assurance and delivery quickly and efficiently. And when you’ve been working with them as long as the team at Austin Engineering has, it becomes even easier.

“Our procurement team simply supplies Boyds with a list of parts required and the appropriate drawings, along with a request for quote,” Chris says.

“Boyds will come back with a quote referencing and pricing, then once approved it’s straight through to processing and delivery.”

Clear and consistent communication

Reliable processing capabilities and efficient workflow processes are essential, but it’s the established business relationship that is perhaps the most important.

“We’ve built a great relationship over the years,” Chris says.

“It’s a very open relationship with clear and consistent communication and easy resolutions to any issues.”

Knowing that Boyd Metal Industries upholds Austin Engineering’s values and priorities is a key ingredient of the success of the partnership.

“On-time delivery is extremely important to us, and the team at Boyds really works to make this happen,” says Chris.

“On the odd occasion where there might be an issue with delivery schedules, the team is open and communicative every step of the way.”

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