Introducing RPG Australia’s new hydraulic 2000T Brake Press

RPG Australia Managers standing in front of LVD 2000T Brake Press

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, RPG Australia was busy preparing for the arrival and commissioning of their new LVD 2000 Tonne Brake Press.

In order to stay at the forefront of their competitors and understanding the ever-changing marketplace that they compete in, RPG searched far and wide for a brake press manufacturer that could meet their high-end specification. Most brake presses are manufactured with an overall bending length and total pressing tonnage capacity, and in the larger scale of brake presses, the maximum these machines can press is around 400-600 tonnes per metre. RPG has recognised that mining bucket skins are being specified with increasing thickness thus requiring higher tonnage to brake press the curved skin.

RPG Australia digging foundation for installation of VD 2000T Brake Press

Their latest addition is the LVD 2000 Tonne 6650mm Brake Press with a pressing capacity of 1250 tonne per metre. This is the largest press LVD have manufactured with this high tonnage per metre ratio. In simple terms the press is 2000 tonne in total but can utilise the 2000 tonne capacity over 1.6m. The table of the machine that supports the female bending die is 1200mm wide thus allowing a larger die, which decreases the amount of tonnes per metre required to press.

Obviously, a machine of this calibre is big in design and size. The overall foundation took 12 weeks to complete and comprised of 130 cubic metres of concrete. The machine itself weighs 270 tonne, stands 6.75m above ground level, holds 3000 litres of oil, and has a table width of 1200mm and a bending throat of 1000mm and each hydraulic ram weighs 12.5 tonne.

RPG Australia lowering first upright cheek of LVD 2000T Brake Press

To give a better understanding of how big this machine is when lowering the two side cheeks into the foundation, RPG had a 100mm clearance from the tip of the crane to the roof girders. While the powers that be at RPG would like to say it was all down to good planning, the truth is it was all down to good luck because when the machine was ordered LVD had not even designed the machine and could not provide any real drawings to understand the installation risks!

The commissioning of the press was no small feat. RPG continued to maintain day-to-day production whilst having a 150 tonne crane blocking the standard truck exit driveway for 4 days.

Now fully commissioned, the scope of work that this machine opens up is unlimited.

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